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Parenting Models Matter: Uncrowded, Human Rights and Explosive Population Growth in Africa

As a Newsweek article entitled “How to Diffuse the Population Bomb” recently detailed, Africa is an extreme example of how large families can cause immense suffering that locks people into poverty and also destroys the environment. And as Uncrowded’s recent series has shown, many parts of Africa will continue to experience the explosive population growth that, despite the many efforts …

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Nigerien Schools for Husbands Could Spark Change For Country’s High Population Growth Rate

Niger, an African country with the highest population growth rate of any nation on earth, is also one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. In an attempt to stave off the problems caused by this combination of rapidly rising population numbers and vast shortage of resources, the United Nations and the Ministry of Health have launched …

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A World Without Giraffes?

While human population is exploding in Africa giraffes are quickly disappearing. Their population has plummeted about 40 percent in just 15 years. Reports show the loss is due primarily to humans destroying giraffe habitat, as well hunting and poaching. Africa is at a crossroads–its population is set to double from 1.2 billion to 2.4 billion from 2015 to 2050 and …

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Africa’s Population Projected to Skyrocket to 4.2 Billion By 2100

Africa is at a crossroads–its population is set to double from 1.2 billion to 2.4 billion from 2015 to 2050 and will soar to 4.2 billion by 2100, according to a report released by UNICEF. These population forecasts follow the pattern of previous population expansion on the continent—Africa’s current population is five times its size in 1950. The report predicts the population …

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Setting the Record Straight About Our Crowded World

We often hear in the news that the world is in danger of becoming underpopulated, and that people should have more children. The fact is there are so many people in the world today that even that United Nations can’t accurately predict growth. However, a recent study challenging UN predictions shows that there is an 80% probability that world population …

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Forget the government. Forget the corporations, and the economy, just for a bit. Think about coming together with the people living all around you. Think about trusting them, and agreeing with them on what you all want your futures to look like. Think about working with them to come up with a plan to make that future happen. And think …

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