Sometimes the Best Way to Start a Conversation Is to Ask Questions

Historic Family

Is there such a thing as having too many children? Is there such a thing as having enough children? Does the answer depend on the amount of resources the parents have? Do all children deserve equal opportunities in life, rather than some being born with many opportunities like great schools, safe streets, and the chance to travel and learn about other cultures, etc., and other children being born with very few opportunities?Let’s ask questions.

Are there circumstances where it would be wrong to create a child? What about the homes of parents who have previously abused and neglected children? What about situations where there is not enough food, medicine or shelter for the people already living where the child would be born?

IMG_1600Why do we value nature, or places like uncrowded beaches and pristine forests, and the animals who live there? Do we have a duty to make sure those places and animals are protected, and are even restored, for future generations? Would that right conflict with and limit the number of children people should have?

Are there better and worse reasons for having children? What about wanting to increase the numbers of your race or religion, or because you want to use the child for labor, or because you really want a boy or girl?

Is there such a thing as there being too many people in a democratic society, such that the average person has little or no meaningful say over how things are actually run, and is instead lost in the crowd? How many people will your children have to share the world with when they grow up? What will those people be like?

At Uncrowded we are starting to answer these questions.

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Sometimes less is more.