What is O to X?

O to X

The idea of centripetal force refers to a pulling inward (O), while centrifugal force refers to a pushing outward (X). We think of parents having children and building a family as centripetal (O) because the parents, surrounded by the isolation their family and home, are caring for and protecting their child or children from the outside world.

[pullquote4 align=”right”]Real democratic revolutions are intergenerational – they start with every child born, and they take making the next generation a truly democratic people.[/pullquote4]But it’s really the opposite. Families create the outside world around us. Over time children leave their homes, join society and become the other people in the world that surround us every day of our lives. They determine what our lives, and our children’s lives, will be like.

O to X means changing the world’s vision from a short-term view of parenting as a bubble O isolated from the outside world of other people, to a long-term view where we see that parenting creates the outside world of other people, and where less ↘ becomes more ↗. Changing from O to X means stepping back and seeing what it means to have kids from a long term perspective, and not just the here and now.

O to X means having fewer children, investing more in each child we have, and investing more in other families’ children. It means moving towards a future of smaller democracies where each person plays more of a role in the public affairs that control their lives, and each child born has an equal opportunity to thrive in a world filled with nature.

What is O to X? Sometimes less ↘ is more ↗.

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Sometimes less is more.