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Uncrowded is changing its approach

Uncrowded is now Having Kids! We are changing the conversation: It’s about planning a fair start and a better future for all. Please find us at and please spread the word!

At Uncrowded we want to begin think more about empowering people and less about overpopulation. We don’t want to think about the people we share this world with as numbers; moreover, unsustainable population growth and crowding are only some of the symptoms of outdated parenting models. These models also harm children, create inequality, destroy our environment, and prevent democracy from working. We want to begin to proactively focus on the solution to all of these problems, rather than the problems themselves.

Over the next month you will see Uncrowded changing our approach, and focusing on the solution, or what we call the Responsible Parenting model, as the most effective way to empower people. What is the Responsible Parenting model?

It’s simple. Parents take the resources they would have invested in having a third or fourth child and instead use part of those resources to help other families plan for and invest in their first or second child, and in ways that give all of the children things in common.

The Responsible Parenting model is designed to begin  changing the way we think about having and raising children, from seeing it as something we do apart or isolated from the community around us to instead something that collectively and over time creates the community around us. Truly responsible parenting, in a democracy, means thinking of every child who will be born as someone with whom you will one day have to agree on a best set of rules to live by, and then helping to bring that child into the world with what he or she needs to do that.

Responsible Parenting frees children by giving them more opportunities in life, frees parents by getting them help in planning for and investing in their children, and frees everyone by creating  smaller and more connected communities where each person has a greater voice in their governments, cultures and lives.


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