What Makes Us Different From Other Organizations

100_4032Uncrowded is the first ever integrated human rights, environmental, and child advocacy organization. We further all of these social movements at the same time by promoting smaller families that invest more in each child. We view this as the best way to solve many problems that stem from the same cause, rather than constantly focusing on the problems themselves:

  • We don’t believe the myth that having children is a matter of privacy that isolates parents from society. Instead we see it as the most influential thing, for society, most people could ever do. We replace the privacy and isolation model of parenting that is dominant in our law and culture today with a new model called Responsible Parenting. We promote this new model using legal, corporate, and grassroots reform campaigns. This new model helps break the taboo that surrounds talking about the decision to have children, and how many children to have. While many organizations focus on making family planning services available as a road to smaller families, we focus on creating public dialogue about why and when those services should actually be used.
  • Uncrowded is neither conservative nor liberal, in the traditional sense. We borrow the best from both sides. For example, we further people’s right to be free from governments as well as other people by seeing political associations as legitimated only through the actual consent of their members. At the same time we also pursue equality of opportunity for each child born, and view restoration of the nonhuman world or nature as a fundamental human right.
  • We focus on crowding as something that impacts all of our daily lives, rather than population as an amorphous global phenomenon.
  • We respond to the special interests that are promoting population growth, inequality, and larger families that invest less in each child by showing that these interests are irresponsibly endangering the well-being of future generations and the integrity of nature, usually for indefensible and immoral ends.
  • We believe family planning is at the heart of democracy and human rights because families determine who we “the people” are, and in a democracy the people are the ultimate source of political authority over one another. If we care about who has power over us we should care about the creation and the development of the people around us.
  • Uncrowded tries to avoid the tendency to want an immediate solution or quick fix to problems, instead of long term solutions – like family planning – that may take generations but in the end prove the most effective.

Mother and Child

  • Unlike many child advocacy organizations we focus on conditions before children are born, not after.
  • Unlike many environmental organizations Uncrowded works towards a world where the environment will not need protecting, because the children we have and raise will not be inclined to destroy it. Uncrowded also treats environmental protection as a political movement to liberate humans from one another’s influence by restoring nature or the nonhuman world around all of us, a movement that is consistent with the core principles of democracy and human rights, rather than simply a matter aesthetics or of sustaining human well-being.
  • Unlike many democracy and human rights organizations we believe that systems begin with the people in them, that democratic and human rights systems will not work without truly free and equal people, and that whether people become truly free and equal starts to be determined the day they are born.
  • Finally, Uncrowded rejects the idea that public interest work is altruistic and elective. We are all obligated to pay forward the public interest work done by those that came before us, the benefits of which we all enjoy every day of our lives.
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